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Ladies of Alpha and Omega Inc.

A Christ-centered mentorship program, that provides
a practical approach to living a life of virtue.

What is LAO?

Ladies of Alpha and Omega Inc is a faith-based 501©3 organization, serving the Tri County (Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach) area in South Florida.  We aim to restore hope to young ladies who have experienced Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). We build resilience, leadership skills and character for girls entering 6th grade- 12 grade.


What We Offer?

Ladies of Alpha and Omega strongly believes that Jesus and proper guidance works! We believe in doing life on life mentoring with our mentees by:

  • Teaching them about the love of Jesus through implementing of SOAP.

    • SOAP is a way to read the bible and apply what you read in a practical way. It stands for…

  • S- read Scripture 

  • O- what are your personal Observations? 

  • A- How do I apply this to my every day life?

  • P- write a personal prayer from the observation and application) devotion study module.  

  • Encourage through Writing to Heal

  • Create and maintain a safe environment for our workshops for the mentees to have healthy dialogue 

  • Teach Social Emotional Learning 

  • Conduct group sessions to allow opportunities for self-awareness