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Our Mission

 We aim to restore hope to young ladies who have experience Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). We build resilience, leadership skills and character for girls entering 6th grade- 12 grade. 

Our Values and Beliefs

Ladies of Alpha and Omega Inc. was founded under four principles.


With a strong foundation in Jesus and proper guidance, our young ladies can be bold in a world that tries to dim their light. Modesty is still attractive, having character is better than having popularity, and a journey with Christ is not perfect but is purposeful.


4 Principles


Heart of Service: To do community service with the wrong heart is to do community service in vain

Obedience: Our ability to obey will cause us to receive great rewards


Perseverance: “ I will not quit, therefore I will not be defeated” Pastor Powe


Empower: Understanding your power is the beginning to something great!

LAO History

Shortly after Jenny graduated from the University of South Florida in 2011, the vision of Ladies of Alpha and Omega was written in her heart.  Determined to capture the vision of God, she began to write every detail pertaining to that vision because she knew one day it would be a reality.


The vision was to take the virtuous woman in scripture and teach the principles to young ladies in a practical way regardless of their background or past trials. Jenny saw a need to bridge the gap between what God called for our ladies and what society has allowed them to settle with. Women carry power and she once carried the living truth. That is why the world fights so hard to keep her from fulfilling her potential. 


As a young lady who personally experienced several forms of childhood trauma her hope came from finding herself in Jesus. Having sound mentors really helped Jenny hear from the Lord clearer and navigate through some tough life journeys. She learned that she was the apple of God’s eye and because of that, her lifestyle started to line up with the truth she believed. She stopped comparing herself to others and started to live her life according to Jesus' desires for her.

Ladies of Alpha and Omega was officially birthed in April 2018 with their first Cohort consisting of five young ladies. They did not know what it would take to become a Lady of Alpha and Omega but were ready for the journey with Jesus. Since then, we have been able to help several young ladies having completed three cohorts since inception. She desires to continue teaching young ladies the essence of virtue. Christ is concerned with every area of their life and Jenny's hope is that the mentees understand that. 

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