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Family Advisor

Donna Lindsay, Family Advisor for Ladies of Alpha and Omega, has worked with hundreds of students and parents throughout south Florida from Pre-K thru Grade 12, in her 27 years.  As a former Special Education Specialist, Mrs. Lindsay assisted families in identifying the unique academic and behavioral needs of their children, and connected families to services and supports within their communities.  Presently, Donna assists parents to engage in effective communication, build positive relationships, and set clear behavioral expectations and goals for their children through family coaching sessions.


Donna Lindsay, founder and CEO of Donna Lindsay Coaching & Consulting, LLC., is nationally and internationally known as the Self-Love Strategist. For the last 15 years, she has instrumentally engaged individuals, groups, and organizations in empowerment sessions using principles of love to enhance and improve their overall performance in ALL areas of their lives. Donna specializes in self-love activation. Her strategic approach to individual empowerment, group coaching, and organizational restoration has positioned her to become pursued as a coach, consultant, and speaker.


Donna hosts a weekly broadcast Love Matters Live Web Show on Facebook and is the founder of Love My Way Collective, a Facebook Group that engages women in discussions, polls, training, and activities centered around improving their self-love journey. Donna has co-authored two books. The first, The Professional Woman: Leadership, Courage, and Confidence. Her chapter, "The Power of Influence" teaches leaders how to use their influence to positively impact the people they lead through the lens of love. In her second book, Yes, You Can! Believe in Yourself, Donna’s chapter entitled “Take the Mask Off! Be the Authentic You” encourages readers to identify the purpose, explore misconceptions, prepare for the removal of the metaphoric mask they have worn, and take the steps needed to find their authentic self.


Donna has a Bachelor’s degree in Specific Learning Disabilities/Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and is a Certified Professional Coach. Throughout her 27-year career in education, she has educated students with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, physical impairments, traumatic brain injury, and emotional disorders.



Donna Lindsay



Facebook: @donnalindsayspeaks

Instagram: @_donna_lindsay

LinkedIn: @ donna-lindsay999

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