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A Bit About Me

Jenny Rainey was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the proud wife of Angelo Rainey and has two sons Ayden and Jordan. During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and dancing.

She graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School.  She started her college career at Broward College formerly known as Broward Community College and completed her Bachelor’s at the University of South Florida in Business Management. Although she accepted the Lord as her personal savior in 2005 and was raised with strong Christian principles her lifestyle did not line up with what she was taught or what she said she believed. During her adolescent years, Jenny struggled a lot trying to find herself. Not willing to deal with the some of her childhood trauma left her angry, hurt and seeking validations from unhealthy sources. She adjusted her standards to fit whatever norm. As a result, she found herself in a long-term co-dependent relationship. As a growing believer, she was challenged with how to live in the world, represent Christ, and still enjoy life. 

 Due to her mother’s strict upbringing, she couldn't wait to explore the world on her own terms. During her first few weeks on the campus of the University of South Florida, she did just that. She continued to search for satisfaction in parties, boys, drinking, etc. Life has a way of hiding its hand when what it promises you leaves you at a dead end. Luckily for her when she reached her dead-end Christ met her there. At that moment she learned something that she missed during her regular routine at church. She learned that Jesus wanted a personal relationship. She learned that as a believer she couldn’t live life any sloppy way because she found out more was required. She learned that it is totally okay to be lit for Jesus and God is not mad at her style because he gave it to her. The more she fell in love with him the more she fell out of love with the things of this world. 


Now she is on a mission to teach young ladies that living for Jesus is possible even at a young age. We are not perfect, but we are being perfected by his love daily. She wants to inspire young ladies to embrace their innate virtue and teach them practical steps in walking out this virtuous life. She wants to let that young girl know that regardless of their past they have a future in Christ. As we go through our journey her desire is that each young lady can see God for the truth that he is. My personal journey has been a true Journey of a Lady of Alpha and Omega. She is ready to take more ladies with her. Who is ready?



Jenny has worked with the underserved population for 8 years. Her work history consists of working at a runway homeless and at-risk youth shelter. She provided intensive case management and connected residents to different resources in the community. She is currently working in higher education, where she provides holistic counseling to the underserved population and assisting them with obtaining degrees and landing careers to assist with self-sufficiency. Jenny is a graduate student at NOVA studying Applied behavior analyst and Mental Health Counseling and will earn her Master in Counseling in May 2021.

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